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Pierre Sanpéré is a french pianist living in Paris and Beaugency.
He graduated from three conservatories and was awarded three first prizes for the piano and other prizes for chamber music, accompaniment.

At the age of 21, having left all music schools, he met his professor, Ms Deschaussées in Paris.
Thanks to her tuition, Pierre found himself reconsidering the way he had been taught to play the piano.

This meant a new beginning in his relationship with his instrument.

After 20 years of this “new era work”, he wants to share his art and also the music he loves.

Pierre Sanpéré regularly gives concerts in France, mostly solo recitals and sometimes in duos (clarinet piano and double bass piano).

His favorite repertoire is baroque, romantic, impressionist and post-modern.

English version

Recital in Norwich, april 2014

Founder of the “Piano et Créations” festival, he was its artistic director during five years.
Every year in july, this festival offered a rich and varied program for and around the piano.

During ten years in july he also organized the Beaugency’s summer piano workshop.

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